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Magtech AS is a designer and producer of voltage boosters and smart transformers which controls voltage stepless. Our unique technology is used in several areas within power distribution and industry, both onshore and offshore. The technology is simple, robust and enables reduced costs.

Using only copper and iron, Magtech have developed a technology that can control electric power
Photo: Jeanette Haugs
Magtech AS was founded in 2001, based on a self developed technology of magnetically controllable inductance. The company is based in Moss, Norway.

MVB: Magtech Voltage Booster
Magtechs main product is a voltage stabilising booster. It is installed by electric utilities in the low voltage grid to ensure a continous and stepless voltage correction to the end user. It is typically used where long distribution lines causes voltage drops according to power use. The MVB is available for different voltage systems and power levels. See model overview.

MPV: Stepless In–Line Magnetic Grid Stabiliser for Photovoltaic
Regarding the German “Energiewende”, there is a strong demand for new solutions
to achieve more flexible and higher performing grids. The MPV is a special designed voltage regulator installed on a feeder to counter the problems of voltage rise due to power from Photo Voltaic or any other distributed generation source. See English or German version of model overview for more details.

MDT: Stepless Self–regulating Magnetic Distribution Transformer
The Magnetic Stepless Self–regulating Distribution Transformer (MDT) replace existing sub–station transformers to counter the problems of voltage rise on LV networks which include power from Photo Voltaic or other distributed generation sources. See English brochure for more details.

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